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Portable Rescue Tools, located in North Vancouver, British Columbia is a leader in supplying emergency rescue tools to Emergency Response Professionals who depend on only the finest equipment needed in case of an emergency situation.

The tools they use could mean the difference between a life and death situation when an accident occurs. These tools may be used for: Extrication, EMS rescue, Remote rescue, First response, Forcible entry, Collapsed rescue, Law Enforcement, Protester release, Confined space rescue, Natural disasters, Portable rescue equipment in use for Building demolition and Marine Emergency.  Portable Rescue Tool Highlights: Electro-Hydraulic system, Li-Ion battery
Unprecedented mobility, No setup time, No hoses, no power cords, No big and remote hydraulic pumps, No hoses, no power cords, No big and remote hydraulic pumps, No power packs, No gasoline 

Portable Rescue Tools Air Cutters and Chisels Blocking and Cribbing

Ogura was the first manufacturer in the world to have developed a full range of truly portable, lightweight and powerful battery powered hydraulic cutting, spreading and lifting tools. These tools are in use worldwide by rescue, military, police and security services. Established in 1928 as a manufacturer of industrial products, Ogura has a long history of developing extremely reliable and hard working hydraulic tools for the construction, fabrication and metal working industry. In 1999 Ogura applied their knowledge of industrial hydraulics to the rescue and emergency services market to produce the first generation HRS Modular System. The range has now matured into an extensive series of tools. Read More:   

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Visit our new store "Marine Engine Parts and Supplies" - Three Branch Supply or 1516 Columbia Street, North Vancouver.

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